Types of jackpots in online pokies

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Types of jackpots in online pokies

Compared to the overall history of gambling, online casinos are a relatively new concept which brought a revolution to the gambling world. Casino lovers all over the world decide to try online counterpart of their favorite activity, and Internet users decide to use another fun possibility the global network provides.

One of the most popular casino games are certainly pokies or slots. These machines date back to the late 19th century, and their concept has not changed much over time. They became modernized, of course, and in the recent years they got the online counterparts as well. 4Progressive-JackpotPlaying pokies got a
completely new dimension when the online machines appeared. They come in a variety of themes, shapes, types; they have different numbers of reels, various paylines, prizes and jackpots. Some of them resemble traditional fruit machines, whereas the others look like the latest video games. In this article, we will focus on jackpot types of online pokies machines. The concept is similar as with the land-based machines – there are flat-top jackpots, progressive jackpots and the combined jackpots.

  1. Flat-top jackpots – we can say that this is a traditional type of jackpot for pokies machines, both land-based and online. If a machine offers this
    type of jackpot, it means that the amount of money you can win as a main prize is always the same. It does not vary with the number of online players and with the time you spend playing. Machines with flat-top jackpots usually require smaller denominations for playing and they offer a relatively low amount of money as the main prize.
  2. 1200x630bfProgressive jackpots – unlike flat-top, progressive online jackpot changes over time. This type of jackpot attracts many players, because it can reach as much as several million dollars. With every player who plays a game online, the amount of total jackpot increases, which means that this kind of jackpot is cumulative. Since much more players play online than land-based pokies, there can be thousands of players of one game during a day, which is not very likely with land-based machines – and it is the main reason why the jackpot can reach such great amount of money.
  3. Combined jackpots – with online pokies, it is sometimes possible to play games which offer you both variations: flat-top and progressive jackpot. These games basically have separate jackpots – cumulative, which increases with the number of games played, and fixed, which remains the same. This way you can win some smaller amount of money with fixed jackpot eve if you fail to win the main prize. These machines usually require users to play max bet, which is the only way of winning progressive jackpot and earn a large amount of money.

COVER-JACKPOT-PETROVICdarkerIf you enjoy playing pokies, you will definitely find a game of your preferences on the Internet. Depending on your appetites and budget, you can choose the jackpot which suits you best. Place the bet, pull the lever and rely on luck.

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