The future of pokies

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The future of pokies

As we all know, things around us are always changing, and the process of evolution is ever present. Sometimes we can even notice those changes as they are happening, but usually, the process is stretched over an extended period, and we are unable to recognize that the wheels of evolution are grinding and forever altering the world around us. The world of gaming and poker machines is also undergoing a change, and we are fortunate enough to be living in a very exciting moment when it comes to games of chance and gambling. In the last few decades, gaming and gambling have evolved to new levels, and slots and slots machines are an area that also had to adapt to modernization and technological improvements.

casino-slotsModern pokies are completely different from the original slot machines that were created at the end of the 19th century, or to be more precise – in 1895. Australians invented the term pokies, as an abbreviation of the phrase poker machines, and nowadays they are the only ones who refer to slots as pokies. No matter if the game is played in brick and mortar casinos, on a computer, or on mobile devices – pokies are fun, exciting, and sometimes very profitable, which makes them a perfect form of entertainment. Around 40% of Australians are playing pokies on a regular basis, and there are more than 200.000 slot machines scattered around the country.

online-pokies-no-depositHowever, traditional slot machines are now living their last days, and the golden age of machines that attracted so many gamers in the 80s and 90s is coming to an end. The Internet revolution and the appearance of online casinos created a new method of playing, and people realized that pokies could be equally entertaining if played from the comforts of your home. Online casinos offered the same games and the same bonuses as the traditional ones, and the simplicity and convenience of this kind of playing also contributed to the rise in popularity of these virtual destinations.

As of lately, a more modern system is replacing the online casinos and the fact that pokies could be played only from your personal computer is now obsolete. Mobile pokies are the next big thing, and players from all over the world are downloading apps to their smartphones and enjoying the games. Modern slots are filled with all kinds of symbols, scatters, and wilds, which makes them attractive and enjoyable. Also, technological mobile-pokie1advancement has enabled developers to incorporate impressive sound effects, and captivating animation and pokies are nowadays visually impressive and enchanting, which even makes them addictive and potentially dangerous to some people. The average payout with new pokies is around 90-95%, and some of them can have progressive jackpots which increase the prize even more. Either way, slots can now be played from the palm of your hand, and smartphones and tablets are the real future of pokies. Mobile devices are taking over the world, and pokies are adapting to new trends and methods with incredible flexibility.

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