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Jul 24 2006
Socioword component
Monday, 24 July 2006

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What If You:


"Upload 'SocioWord' in seconds, Create A Cloud Of Words In Less Than 15 Minutes.

Send an Email To You Mailing List To Claim A Keyword That Links To A URL,

Which They Will Pay For :) Repeat The Above Step, Again and Again on AUTOPILOT!

Another Revenue Stream For 30 minutes work”




 Make Money Fast With SocioWord - Keyword Tag Solution!

Dear Friend,

The Dynamic TagCloud Sites have been taking the Internet by storm.  Along the way generating massive returns for site owners and hoards of traffic for their more then happy clients. By implementing the 'social keyword tag solution', one website reports taking in over $20,000 dollars within 24 hours.(The claim is made here linksizzler by the marketeer Michael Cheney)

The original concept of this script is sold out now, there is no plans for a replacement, however already duplicate scripts have popped up for 1/10 of the price is so far the best non-joomla replacement, and it is selling like hotcakes. Now Joomla users can apply this application to the dynamic CMS! Not only is this the only solution applicable for Joomla users, it is priced at the sensible rate of $67 whereby the original cost $897 (ouch).

So whats it all about? 

This is the Crazy spin off from Alex Tew's Million Dollar Pixel Ad Homepage! And you know what? he made his Million Dollars!

This dynamic tag cloud system evolves using the social tagging solution. When a savvy Internet marketeer simply placed 500 crucial keywords onto a single webpage in the form of a cloud of words. And then other webmasters paid $100 for each single keyword to link to a website. Within 24 hours he claims generating over $20,000.00* into his pocket! (Check Out and do a quick calcualtion)

Now you can install this script on any Joomla domain, subdomain or even on a subfolder created for a 3rd party component, and you can make as many installations as you want on as many domain as you want with a single license!

With this system, generated over a whopping $53,000.00* in just 1 week. But like any good product that generates massive revenue with so little work, new link directory sites are starting to pop up. That's why it's important you act NOW before it's too late...


 Make Money Fast With SocioWord - Keyword Tag Solution!
An example Of The First 'SocioWord' Solution in action, loaded in minutes



What possibilities Does This Offer You?

Whatever niche you are in, get this script live NOW! Use the power of Joomla, it is a Content Management System; it adds flavor to your site!

Here are some of the suggestions I can offer, but I am sure you can come up with more idea’s:


 Finally, some Joomla solutions to drive site traffic! These guys understand Web 2.0. Quick response, easy to work with, and quality products...what more could I want? I can't wait to see what you develop next! SocioWord is the first Joomla module I've truly been excited about in a long time. This thing is a winner in creating new services that make money.


tag cloud tick box

Site owners with mailing lists get promoting 'SocioCloud' tagging solution to them NOW! Everyone wants to drive traffic to their site and if they see you offering something that can get them traffic, then they will jump at the opportunity.


What other sites do you own? Do not forget that these are keyword rich sites. Specific keywords will stand out to people viewing.  Got an adsense site? Or maybe a site that you affilaite?  Use the solution to drive traffic to yor own site.


Reward your existing loyal customers with a free keyword on your "SocioWord" site.


FrontPage Component — Use the solution to create a frontpage component on Joomla.  Have the tags link internally to articles as well as external link.  Compliment it with the 1000's of joomla mods and bots available to create a really funky site.  This is the advantage other scripts do not have, to be part of a Content management System.  Check out



And Much, Much More!



There are endless opportunities that you could create with this solution, just keep creating them!

 This is the only solution that exists for Joomla CMS (at time of writing)  and it is at an affordable price and does will not cost you the $897.00 price tag that is not compatible to the Joomla CMS anyway.

Here's where my brilliant coder's genius work comes in use..

NOW you are not asked to pay out such a large amount of money, just $147 dollars will see this application up and running in seconds and we provide tech support all the time and constantly improving the application based on the user feedback!


Make Money Fast With SocioWord - Keyword Tag Solution!


What features are available on the application?


All features are controlled from the backend of Joomla very swiftly.


The PayPal payment solution upgraded, now only needs just the email account and everything is autopilot


tag words can be set to expire on a set date by the 'admin', so restrict the lenght to 12 mnths or longer.


Reorder the way the words are displayed


Compatible with all the SEF 3rd party applications open-sef. 404sef, etc



Keywords can be enlarged, underlined, bold, multiple colors, etc




Enjoy your power to edit or delete keywords at any time you choose.


Sell each keyword for whatever price you want — even offer different keywords for different prices!


Can You Explain How This Software will Make Money Automatically?

Well this solution is set to allow the user to select the keyword they see is available, make the payment via Paypal. Then PayPal will automatically collect the payment and update the site with the users new word and URL attributed to it automatically and redirect back to the is that simple!



Make Money Fast With SocioWord - Keyword Tag Solution!

Your Only Chance To Get This $897.00 Software For Just $67!

Let me ask you another question …

Did you know that you absolutely need to get in the action pretty quick? The word about word-cloud sites is spreading very quickly and every minute that you delay, people are beating you to the punch.

How much do you need to invest for grabbing your copy of the software?

First let us see, how much you can make with your first site-

Say you put 97 keywords on offer at $50 each*.


You sell (at $50 each)
You make
4 keywords
10 keywords
25 keywords
50 keywords
97 keywords
200 keywords
500 keywords


Now if you order your SocioWord software just now at the introductory price of $97 $67, you only need to sell 3 keywords to recover your investment. Some of the customers will choose to decorate their keywords to stand out and you can make even more money there.


Make Money Fast With SocioWord - Keyword Tag Solution!





Act now!


Make Money Fast With SocioWord - Keyword Tag Solution!



Do not wait for someone else to create a 'SocioWord' Solution in your Niches before you.

By just selling 2 of the larger links will get your moneyback!


Just say this to yourself;

"I Have Heard Enough, I Am going to Download This Application Now

and Start Promoting This Application" 

I want my copy of 'SocioWord' for $67!

Make Money Fast With SocioWord - Keyword Tag Solution!


You Must Have Joomla CMS (Content Management Solution) To have this Solution Working, Download it:




TERMS : this script is for your private use. Your license entitles you to an unlimited

number of install on YOUR OWN DOMAINS. You cannot resell a site with our script

installed on it during its first 12 months. License is non transferable and MUST be

purchased from our site. You can not sell a membership giving access to our script even

if run from your own server. *We do not guarantee you will make money or generate

traffic with our script as you are sole responsible of your marketing. All sales are final

and NON-REFUNDABLE. you cannot purchase the script throught your own affiliate link

join affiliates scheme and earn 40%


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