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Social BookMark and Blog Solutions


Social bookmarking sites are software development that allow websurfers to save, catalog, and share interesting pages they find online. The 'Sociotag' plugin (previously mambot) appends links for your readers to use those sites to the end of each of your blog’s posts, contents, articles, etc, therefore increasing your potential audience.

One company that has benefited from using our technology to increase their marketing efforts is, who are a cash advance loans provider. Their promotions team successfully used Socioclick for a recent campaign targeting payday loans users in the USA. Their efforts saw a 63% increase in coverage over another piece of similar software.

This site is new to a group of developing products dedicated to social bookmarking and sharing with a clear objective and vision for enhancing the users experience and enjoyment through the content management solution Joomla!

The site will go through constant change with symmetry alongside the application developments therefore please bookmark this site and come back to us to see the developments.











  • 'Socioword' - A dynamic joomla tag cloud software development system that picks up from the pixelmania of 2005 and evolves using the social tagging solution, each tag word in the cloud link to urls and can be differnet font sizes, colors, fonts, etc and can be hosted on a homepage or a subdomain. Webmaster could be prompted to purchase each keyword tag from a simple payment solution via paypal generating a revenue stream for you. This solution has generated upto $20,000 dollars for some webmasters! 


  • 'Sociolize' - A software that with one click each content, article, blog post can be posted to upto 20 bookmarking website! This method has generated upto 400 unique visitors on the 1st day of launch for blog creators. It proposes to be a backend solution as well as a frontent solution for your users to utilize. 


  • 'Sociotag' - A joomla plugin (mambot) for Individual social bookmarking solution for each content, article, blog post. See the 'SocioTag' solution below this post. These icons link directly to sites like, furl, blinklist, etc

  • 'SocioFeed' - A module for a RSS feed solution for jooma!


All our products are available now to promote as an affilate solution! Find out more HERE


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SocioTag Demo is at the bottom of the page with drop-down menu.   By purchasing the Premium version of SocioTag,  you will receive several additional features.

  • Hide SocioTag on static pages.
  • Create a dropdown menu for some of your tags giving a clean look to the site, this menu appears when the mouse hovers over the menu icon.

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SocioFeed Demo is displayed on the right. By purchasing the Premium version of SocioFeed, you will receive several additional features:

  • Display the feeds as a dropdown menu giving a clean look to the site, this menu appears when the mouse hovers over the icon.
  • SocioFeed help page (really is a com_sociofeed component) will be linked to the 'Subscribe' button under the SocioFeed icon
  • Displays a RSS mailing subscription form within SocioFeed module, which will collect email addresses, this only requires the HTML code from Zookoda or Feedburner and creates a full mailing solution for FREE.
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